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The Chichester Family Tree

Pedigree of William Chichester/O’Neill


Generation I

1              William Chichester/O’Neill, Created Baron 1868, born on 03‑03‑1813, died 1883, son of Rev. Edward Chichester BA MA (see also 2) and Catharine Young (see also 3).

Married (1) at the age of 25 on 03‑01‑1839 to Henrietta Torrens, born 1819, died on 17‑01‑1857, daughter of Hon. Robert Torrens, 2nd Justice of H.M. Court of Commin Pleas., and Anne Torrens.

Married (2) to Elizabeth Grace Torrens, born 1814, died on 22‑01‑1905, daughter of Ven. Dr. John Torrens, Archdeacon of Dublin, and Mary Ball.

From the first marriage:

1. m         2nd Baron Edward O’Neill, J.P., M.P. for Antrim, born on 31‑12‑1839, died on 19‑11‑1928 at the age of 88.

Married at the age of 33 on 30‑06‑1873 to Lady Louise Katherine Emma Cochrane, died on 10‑08‑1942, daughter of Thomas Barnes Cochrane, 11th Earl of Dundonald, and Louise Harriet Alexander‑Mackinnon.

2. m         Arthur O’Neill, born 1843, died 1870.

3. m         Robert Torrens O’Neill, M.P. Born on 10‑01‑1845, died 1940, of Tullymore Lodge, Broughshane.

4. f           Anne Chichester, born on 04‑05‑1849.

Generation II

2              Rev. Edward Chichester BA MA, Rector of Kilmore, born 1776, died 1840 at the age of 64, . Entered Trinity College Dublin 1790, B.A., M.A., son of Rev. William Chichester (see also 4) and Maryanne Hart (see also 5).

Married 1812 to

3              Catharine Young, born on 13‑07‑1791, died on 15‑04‑1875 at the age of 83, buried in Culdaf Family Vault, daughter of Robert (Robin) Young (see also 6) and Marcia Nesbitt (see also 7).

From this marriage:

1. m         William Chichester/O’Neill (see also 1).

2. m         Rev. Robert Chichester BA, Rector of Ballinascreen, born on 06‑03‑1814, died on 02‑06‑1878 at the age of 64, buried in Ballynascreen.

Married (1) at the age of 25 on 05‑03‑1840 in Muff to Frances Alicia Anne Hart, 27 years old, born on 02‑03‑1813, died on 31‑07‑1867 at the age of 54, daughter of George Vaughan Hart, Lieutenant‑General and M.P., and Charlotte Ellerker.

Married (2) at the age of 55 on 18‑11‑1869 to Harriette Anne Blackwood‑Pince, died on 13‑11‑1928 in Newcastle. Co. Down, daughter of Rev. Townley Blackwood‑Pince.

3. m         Arthur Chichester, born 1817 in Redford Rectory, christened 1817, died 1831 in Lisbon.

4. m         Rev. George Chichester, Rector of Wooton, Surrey, Victor of Drummaul, Co. Antrim, born on 26‑12‑1819 in Redford rectory, died on 19‑05‑1898 at the age of 78. B.A., Trintry Collage Dublin 1841.

Married at the age of 27 on 26‑08‑1847 to Harriet Eleanor Lyle, died on 28‑05‑1885, of Knockarna, Coleraine, daughter of Hugh Lyle.

Generation III

4              Rev. William Chichester, Rector of Clonmany, born 1742, died on 31‑08‑1815, buried in Old Graveyear, Straid Church, Clonmany, son of Rev. Arthur Chichester (see also 8) and Mary O’Neill (see also 9).

Married (1) ca. 1768 to Mary Anne or Marrianna Harvey, born on 23‑07‑1747 (witness(es): Alderman Hery Hart of Dublin, Mr. James Drone of Ballihays, Mrs. Torrens of Derry and Mrs. Hart of KNockfair, the parson Mr. Torrens.), died 00‑03‑1777, daughter of George Harvey, High Sheriff, 1754, and Elizabeth (Betty) Hart.

Married (2) ca. 1775 to Maryanne Hart (see also 5).

From the first marriage:

1. m         Sir Arthur, M.P. for Co. and Town Carrickfurgus, born 1770, died on 25‑05‑1847. Created Bart. 1821.

From the second marriage:

2. m         Rev. Edward Chichester BA MA (see also 2).

3. f           Mary.

5              Maryanne Hart, born 1748, died 1827, buried in Kilmore, Co. Armagh, daughter of Rev. Edward Hart (see also 10) and Elizabeth Ramsay (see also 11).

From this marriage: 2 children (see under 4).

6              Robert (Robin) Young, born 1764, died on 11‑10‑1832, son of George Young (see also 12) and Rebecca Lamy (see also 13).

Married on 20‑09‑1790 to

7              Marcia Nesbitt, died on 28‑05‑1839 in at Culdaff House, daughter of George Nesbitt (see also 14) and Catharine Irwin (see also 15).

From this marriage:

1. f           Catharine (see also 3).

2. m         George, born on 12‑08‑1792, died on 31‑05‑1877 at the age of 84.

Married at the age of 39 on 17‑01‑1832 in Cheltenham (witness(es): by Rev. Francis Close) to Marianne/Mary Anne ffolliott, born May 1794 in Hollybrook, died on 16‑12‑1876 in Culdaff House, daughter of John ffolliott and Frances Homan.

3. m         Robert James (Robin) Young MA, born 1793, died 1827 in Cleeve.

4. m         James William, born 1796, christened on 18‑08‑1798, died on 30‑11‑1839 in Moville, after a lingeing illness, death on a saturday.

Married to Ellen Doherty, born in near Malin, died 1855 in America.

5. f           Marcia, born 1802, died jan. 1869.

Married 1817 to Brooke Young, born 1798 in in Jamaica, died on 28‑04‑1870 in Greencastle, was in New York in 1807, son of George Young and Anne or Nancy Harvey.

6. f           Anne Angel, born 1806, died 1886.

7. f           Hatton.

Generation IV

8              Rev. Arthur Chichester, Curate of Drummaul, born 1716, died 1768. Entered T.C.D. 1734, son of Rev. William Chichester (see also 16) and Lydia Ames (see also 17).

Married to

9              Mary O’Neill, born 1726, died on 12‑05‑1786 in Clonmany, heiress of her father, daughter of Henry O’Neill (see also 18) and Mary Bickerstaffe (see also 19).

From this marriage:

1. m         Rev. William (see also 4).

2. f           Catherine, born ca. 1750, died on 11‑04‑1799, buried in Clonmany Churchyard.

Married to Samuel Ball, Captain of the 6th Dragoon Guards,. Will proved 1794, of Grousehall,Co, Donegal. Served in Germany 1764, son of Thomas Ball and Grace Acton.

3. m         Arthur.

4. f           Charity.

Married to Henry O’Hara, son of Henry O’Hara and Margaret Jameison.

5. f           Frances.

6. f           Mary.

10            Rev. Edward Hart, Rector of Desertegny, 1765‑93, born on 20‑06‑1712, died on 04‑04‑1793 at the age of 80, son of George Hart (see also 20) and Marianna Vaughan (see also 21).

Married to

11            Elizabeth Ramsay, died on 22‑04‑1780, daughter of Rev. John Ramsay (see also 22).

From this marriage:

1. m         John, born ca. 1746, died ca. 1747.

2. m         John, born 1748, died on 12‑12‑1816, “Ballynagarde (Irish, Town of the Srtificers) is only about four miles from Londonderry, and in the parish of Culmore. Itis a very Strongly‑built and commodious house, built on the shores of the River Foyle, with a short avenue of trees connecting it to the high road to Movill. It has been in the possession of the family from the earliest times, and was owned by Henry Hart, according to the Rev. George Hill. The estate played an inportant part in the O’Dogherty rebellion, and again in the siege of Londonderry, when it was occupied each time by the enemy. Jon Hart, the elders brother of G.V. Hart, lived there when the latter was residing at Kilderry. On the daeth of John Hart the place was left to his nephew John, the eldest son of General Hart, and at his death the estate was let to Mr. Campbell, a Derry merchant, on a lease of years and the lives of two of his sons. This lease fell in some years ago, and the Place has since been vacant

Hery Travers Hart, 1907, buried in Tombstone Londonderry Cathedral Graveyard. Tablet Muff Church. of Ballynagard.

Married to Georgina (Evelina) Fairley, died on 15‑02‑1827. Georgina (Evelina) Fairley, had no children, but was very found of Cats ‑‑ so much that one room was called “The Cats’ Parlour” in which she had forty cats, which dined there on joints of meat bought especially for them. Daughter of Robert Fairley, Alderman of Londonderry.

3. f           Maryanne (see also 5).

4. f           Alicia, born 1751, died on 15‑03‑1773.

5. m         George Vaughan, Lieutenant‑General and M.P. Born 1752, died on 14‑06‑1832 in Creeslough, Co. Donegal, buried in Muff Churchyard. Tablet Muff Church. gov. of culmore and londonderry.

Married on 22‑07‑1792 in Fort George, Madras to Charlotte Ellerker, 18 years old, born on 06‑12‑1773 in Holy Trinty, Kingston upon Hull, died on 20‑05‑1827 at the age of 53, buried in Muff. Charlott Elleker of KIngston‑upon‑Hull, who had been brought up by her Uncle Major‑General Edward Ellerker of the East Indian Company’s Army. Daughter of John Ellerker and Elizabeth Cleavin.

6. f           Anne, born 1755, died on 12‑02‑1772.

7. m         Henry, born on 23‑06‑1759, died on 08‑03‑1776 at the age of 16.

8. m         Marcus.

9. m         John.

10. f         Frances, died bef. 1786.

Married to George Charlton, has a son and daughter, both of whom died unmarried.

11. m       John, died died young.

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