Local History by Seán Beattie


The Dresden Letters – 5 : the Bishopric

Envelope of letter sent by Rev. Ed. Chichester on 23 December 1797 to his uncle Lieut. Hart at Bath. Note Carn postmark


23 December 1797

The vacant bishopric is at last disposed of to Dr. Stock and I suppose Dr. Godfrey will never get further promotion. I cannot say I am sorry for this as I have taught myself to place no reliance of men in positions. My parishioners at Randalstown are busily collecting a purse to dispute Lord Donegall’s title to the rectorial tythes so that I must give up all hope of making anything from Lord Donegall’s offer to them.

My mother is just returned from Mr. Kennedy’s. He says the house is not yet let and gave a very good account of it. He is going to Derry in a few days and will make further enquiries about it. When he returns my mother will write to you. 

I long anxiously for an account of your determination with respect to India. I suppose you will mention it in your next letter. Believe me my dear Uncle to be most sincerely and affectionately yours. 

Edward Chichester (end of letter dated 23 December 1797)


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