Local History by Seán Beattie


The Dresden Letters – 6 : health matters


28 July 1801

Grave of the Charleton family at Clonmany. Rev. Edward makes several references to the Charletons. Two of the brothers were members of the Donegal Grand Jury which allocated funds for roads and bridges. (courtesy of Catherine McWilliams)

Addressed to Lieut. General Hart, Athlone.

My dear Uncle, 

As I know all the anxiety you feel on my mother’s account, I shall trouble you with this letter but much against your will not think of answering it as I know how much of your time is taken up with military duty. I have the happiness of telling you I hope that my mother is recovering though slowly. She had a relapse on the Friday after you left us which came on with a fever like the former attack. Her leg was very much inflamed but she did not complain of it nearly as much as before, although the attack was much slighter and I think she will not again have a return of the violent disorder. She is able to come down every day around two o’clock and sit upon the couch with her leg up but is still extremely weak and has very little appetite but as I think she is getting stronger that will also return. (to be contd.)

Rev. Edward Chichester

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