Local History by Seán Beattie


Third Colgan Heritage Weekend Carn June 29-30 to Sunday July 1 2012

From Folklore to Facebook  -the theme of Colgan Heritage Weekend 2012.

The Folklore Commission has granted approval for all Carn school entries in the 1937 project to be made available. We have contacted 5 persons in their eighties who recall completing the project at that time. The Folklore Commission is sending two representatives to Carn over the weekend to interview those still alive. This is the 75th anniversary of the 1937 project. On Saturday 30 June, the 1937 essays will be on view along with essays on folklore on similar themes for 2012. Carn Book Club and others will read extracts. 

The folklore theme will continue on Sunday when we team up with the hugely successful Heritage Links project. Workshops will be offered in techniques and skills required in the collection of folklore: there is  a huge amount of work to be done in this area. Contact Jeanette for a place to benefit from the new training available. 

Due to the fact that Graveyard Sunday will take place on the same day, afternoon events will be curtailed but lectures will be available after the graveyard visits. A full concert programme will  be provided as last year. 

Dessie McCallion will take to the highways over Glenmakee on his hugely popular guided walk. 

The popular Irish Times columnist and author John Waters will open the weekend on Friday on the theme of “Was it for this……”? A lively debate will follow. John will also have his new book on the subject to hand. 

Watch Facebook for more updates and times. Book your hotel accommodation now as the week end will be one of the busiest seen in the peninsula for many years because of the arrival of the Tall Ships in the Foyle and the opening of the International Fiddle Convention. Be ye prepared!


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