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Moville’s Forgotten Montgomery Connection

Today I visited St. Columb’s church in Moville which belongs to the Church of Ireland. This was my first ever visit and I used the opportunity to take photographs of the 18 plaques mounted on the walls, mostly dedicated to the Montgomery family who lived next door at New Park. I was impressed by the interior which is now undergoing repair. The roof is also receiving attention. There is no doubt that this is one of the forgotten treasures of the town of Moville, not least because of the Montgomery connection but also because of the architecture of the church with its impressive tower, which overlooks the Foyle. New Park is in poor shape but it is still standing. The largest wall plaques in marble and bronze belong to the Montgomery family: Rev. Samuel Law Montgomery and his two sons, Rev. Samuel Montgomery and Sir Robert Montgomery. Robert had a distinguished career in India and sat on the Council of India. His disarming of the city of Lahore is acknowledged as one of the events that contributed to the capture of Delhi during the Indian Mutiny. Bishop Montgomery and his wife Maud are also remembered, parents of Gen. Montgomery. The general’s son and grandson visited Moville 2 years ago and while they were unhappy with the condition of their ancestral home, they were happy to see it was still standing. Many other citizens of Moville are commemorated: Dr. Irvine, who ministered during the Great Famine, to name but one. I was told that several foreign visitors called to see the church during the renovations – need I say more?


  1. Interesting post – any pictures?

  2. Sean,
    I just came across your site. I am very interested in Brig. General George Samuel Montgomery (1820-1898) and his family who lived at Fort Royal. Rathmullan until the 1940s. Some say this family were related to the Montgomery’s of Moville. Would you have any information on this?

    • Comment by post author

      I am not aware of any connection between Montgomerys of Rathmullan and Moville as the name is not in the immediate family tree. The name Samuel was used by the founder of Moville and recurs in the family. There were a number of Montgomerys who came to prominence in Donegal and they were not connected to the Moville Montgomerys.

      • Sean,
        Thanks for that. I am still looking into the Rathmullan Montgomerys and how they came to live in Fort Royal.

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