Local History by Seán Beattie

Captain Pugwash, Dr. Who

Joyce Cary, Doctor Who and Captain Pugwash

Joyce Cary (1888-1957) was born in Shipquay St., Derry but the family seat was at Castlecary, Moville since Elizabethan times. The house has been demolished but the demesne can be seen marked by some fine ash trees at the top of a hill overlooking Lough Foyle near Redcastle Hotel. This is Cary country rooted in history.

After Oxford, Joyce worked in Africa and in 1944 produced a book called THE HORSE’S MOUTH which was made into a film starring Alex Guinness. Joyce became widely popular and the SUNDAY TIMES  listed him among THE TOP 100 WRITERS IN ENGLISH. His work was recognised internationally. 

Joyce’s son, Tristam worked for the BBC and was involved with the famous TV series Dr. Who. Tristam’s nephew John Cary inherited the family creative genes and created CAPTAIN PUGWASH which was a successful BBC series also. 

The Carys were proud of their Inishowen roots and have strong connections with Tremone Bay having stayed in Elkin’s guest house and also in Falmore House where they lived for a while (see earlier posts). John Cary will visit inishowen and Derry at the end of March and this may help to revive interest in our connections with one of the greatest writers in the English language. 

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