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Easter at Carrowmore

The monastery at Carrowmore was one of the great Christian sites of the early Irish church. Of the many learned men who prayed there, the name of Maeliosa O Brolchain is remembered today. Easter was celebrated in Irish monasteries as the principal spiritual event of the liturgical year and Maeliosa wrote hymns and prayers to celebrate it. He was the grandson of Brolchan of Derry and is among the most important churchmen linking Carrowmore with Derry. Although he died in 1038, almost 1,000 years ago, some of his great hymns have survived and are still sung in local churches. One of his popular hymns is HOLY SPIRIT  which is very appropriate for the Easter season but his best known hymn is written in Latin and Irish called DEUS MEUS. It includes the following lines:

Domine, da ut peto a te

O pure bright sun, give, give today,

O pure bright sun, give, give today

Domine, da ut peto a te

(Lord, grant what I ask of thee)

Thankfully the bright sun is back in the heavens as we celebrate Easter 2015. Our ancient heritage is one of our great cultural assets. Since 2012, the Bernician Studies Group (BSG) from the north of England has been carrying out archaeological work on Carrowmore and Cooley. Their reports can be read in DONEGAL ANNUAL  and also on their website. During  Heritage Week 2015 it is hoped that further research can be carried out so please keep in touch with this site for further information. 


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