Local History by Seán Beattie


Mrs Binns, Carndonagh, died 1894

Binns     The Binns of Carndonagh 1882                                   The Binns family lived at Hopefield. The house was demolished to make way for an extension to the Community School Carndonagh. An outstanding and renowned citizen who deserves to be remembered. See Donegal in Old Photographs, 2004 by S Beattie. (Sean Beattie)


  1. Betty Morrow

    Very good Sean, I love history and you sure can supply it. Thank you. I thought you had gone away someplace as I did not see any posts in a few days. I just saw on Facebook the month of June s going to be hottest ever in Ireland, hope that includes the northern part as well.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Betty Morrow

    Did I do something wrong?

  3. Theodore E. Somerville

    Snippets of this kind are interesting to be sure, but would be even more so if their source were cited.

  4. Fr Bonner’s house in Church Rd
    Many great citizens assisted in many famine times in Inishowe

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