Local History by Seán Beattie

Hart, Landlords, Muff

Hart of Muff County Donegal

Doe Castle.

For more information on the Hart family see Henry Travers Hart, The Family History Of Hart Of Donegal, published in 1907. Only 40 copies were printed so the book is extremely rare. There is a copy in Letterkenny library. George Vaughan Hart carved his initials G.V.H on the walls of Doe Castle- a good example of historical graffiti. The main family seat was at Kilderry at Muff and they also owned a two-storey lodge on the border in the village. The last member of the family to live in Muff was Frank Hart who died some years ago.(see V 11 below). I corresponded with Frank for many years on Hart history and he was always generous with his information. He wrote in an exquisite hand on coloured notepaper. The family papers and photos are in PRONI in Belfast.and they offer a superb insight into life in Donegal especially Inishowen over the centuries. Fortunately the family retained all their letters and it is fascinating to read of their accounts of life in Greencastle in the 1800s as family members wrote home to Muff.

Guided tours of the castle will be available during the summer months. A trip on the Buncrana-Rathmullan ferry which operates during the summer season will ensure that you get to Doe Castle via Milford in less than 30 minutes from Rathmullan. The castle has an interesting history connecting with the MacSweeneys and refugees from the Spanish Armada in 1588.

Male descendants of George Vaughan Hart of Doe Castle


I.1            George Vaughan Hart, Lieutenant‑General and M.P. Born 1752, died on 14‑06‑1832 in Creeslough, Co. Donegal, buried in Muff Churchyard. Tablet Muff Church. gov. of Culmore and Londonderry, son of Rev. Edward Hart, Rector of Desertegny, 1765‑93, and Elizabeth Ramsay.

Married on 22‑07‑1792 in Fort George, Madras to Charlotte Ellerker, 18 years old, born on 06‑12‑1773 in Holy Trinty, Kingston upon Hull, died on 20‑05‑1827 at the age of 53, buried in Muff. Charlott Elleker of KIngston‑upon‑Hull, who had been brought up by her Uncle Major‑General Edward Ellerker of the East Indian Company’s Army. Daughter of John Ellerker and Elizabeth Cleavin.

From this marriage:

  1. Elizabeth Grant, born 00.6.1793, christened on 11‑08‑1793 in St. Mary’s Parish, Fort George, Madres, died on 28‑03‑1823 in Cheltenham. Clothes caught on fire and was burnt to death while taking private devotions on Good Friday, when saying her prayers. unmarried. Will P.C. Canterbury, Admin. Granted, 27 June 1823.
  2. Maryanna, christened on 23‑12‑1794 in St. Mary’s Fort George, Madres, died Dec. 1811.
  3. Henry Edward, born 1797, died on 17‑05‑1797.
  4. John Richard James (see also II.4).
  5. Henry, born on 29‑12‑1802, died on 14‑07‑1850 in Belgaum, India at the age of 47.
  6. George, born ca. 1803, died as a infant.
  7. Charlotte, born 1804, died on 17‑08‑1827 in India, “Was engaged to another men; in a fit of pique she broke off the engagement to marry George Gough, who was in the Indian Civil Service. Her father compelled het to marry Gough, and on her way to India to join her husband she died of a broken heart.”

she married on 12‑02‑1827 in Calcutta to George Gough, 24 years old, Commissoner at Patna, of Rathronan, Co. tipperary, born on 07‑04‑1802, died on 18‑04‑1889 at the age of 87, son of Very Rev. Thomas Bunbury Gough, Dean of Derry, and Charlotte Bloomfield.

  1. George Vaughan (see also II.10).
  2. Edward, born 1812, died on 01‑05‑1836. Mr. Inglis tomb also intimates the death of a youth who resided with him for some time, and who had spent a few of his earlier years in the navy. He was the son of General Hart of Doe‑Castle, Kilderry Ireland and died in 1836, at the early age of twenty five. His brother and sister had made a journey to visit him in Glenesk, and while resting at the Gannaochy Bridge on their way thither, they accidentally received the melancholy intellegence of his death. (Scotland).
  3. Frances Alicia Anne, born on 02‑03‑1813, died on 31‑07‑1867 at the age of 54.

Married at the age of 27 on 05‑03‑1840 in Muff to Rev. Robert Chichester BA, 25 years old, Rector of Ballinascreen, born on 06‑03‑1814, died on 02‑06‑1878 at the age of 64, buried in Ballynascreen, son of Rev. Edward Chichester BA MA, Rector of Kilmore, and Catharine Young.

  1. William (see also II.15).
  2. Georgina Susanna, born on 12‑09‑1818, died 1882.

Church marriage at the age of 25 on 20‑01‑1844 in Muff Church, by Rev. george Stewart to Ven. Edward James Hamilton, 24 years old, Archdeacon of Derry, born on 14‑05‑1819 in Dublin, died on 08‑07‑1896 in Co. Londonderry at the age of 77. There is a memorail window in derry Cathedral presented by his friends, son of Richard Hamilton, Rector of Culdaff and Cloncha, Co. Donegal, 1823‑47, and Catharine Tipping.

  1. Mary, died young.


II.4          John Richard James Hart, born on 12‑04‑1798 in Bath, died on 15‑03‑1838 in Doe Castle, broke his neck at the age of 39, buried in Muff, Co. Donegal, fought at the Battle of Wateloo on 18 June 1815 at the age of Sixteen. he was with his Regiment in pursuit of the French. Son of George Vaughan Hart (see also I.1) and Charlotte Ellerker.

Married to Sophia Canning, bor e a son of Capt. John Richard James Hart, From this marriage:

  1. John Henry Eustace (see also III.1).


III.1         John Henry Eustace Hart, Architect and Engineer, born on 14‑08‑1833, christened on 22‑08‑1833 in Bally, Clonadorka, Co. Donegal, died 1927, son of John Richard James Hart (see also II.4) and Sophia Canning.

Married to Alice Jacob.

From this marriage:

  1. Henry Eustace (see also IV.1).


IV.1         Henry Eustace Hart, son of John Henry Eustace Hart (see also III.1) and Alice Jacob.

Married to Hilda Isabel Poole.

From this marriage:

  1. Eustace John Hewitt (see also V.1).


V.1          Eustace John Hewitt Hart, son of Henry Eustace Hart (see also IV.1) and Hilda Isabel Poole.

Married to Mary Sanforth Jefferies.

From this marriage:

  1. Jennifer.

Married to Richard Dennis William Miller.


II.10        George Vaughan Hart, Commander R.N. Born on 07‑06‑1805, died on 13‑05‑1895 in Kilderry at the age of 89, son of George Vaughan Hart (see also I.1) and Charlotte Ellerker.

Married at the age of 30 on 26‑09‑1835 in Rathmullen Church to Jane Maria Hart, born 1809, died on 13‑05‑1895 in Kilderry, daughter of George Vaughan Ledwich Hart, curate to the Dean of Derry, afterwards Rector of Castlebar, Co. Mayo, and Maria Murray Hume. At Rathmullen church, by Rev. George Vaughan Hart Jr. Lt. George Vaughan Hart RN, son of Lt. Gen. George Vaughan hart of Kilderry co. Donegal to Jan Maria daughter of Rev. george Vaughan Hart, Rector of the Union of Castlebar and late of this City.

From this marriage:

  1. Maria Henrietta, born on 01‑04‑1837 in Glenalla, died on 22‑07‑1864 in Dublin at the age of 27. Unmarried, buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery.
  2. Charlotte, born on 15‑10‑1838 in Kilderry, christened on 02‑12‑1838 in Muff, died on 27‑03‑1928 at the age of 89.
  3. Elizabeth Jane, born on 22‑04‑1840, christened on 28‑06‑1840 in Muff, died 1849 in Kilderry.
  4. Marianne Vaughan, born on 26‑12‑1841, christened on 20‑02‑1842 in Muff, died on 19‑12‑1854 in Dublin at the age of 12. Unmarried, buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery.
  5. Josephine Frances, born 1843 in Doe Castle, Creelough, Co. Donegal, died on 17‑04‑1920, unmarried.
  6. William Edward (see also III.8).
  7. Catharina Grace, born on 30‑12‑1845, christened on 01‑03‑1846 in Muff, died 1872 in Kilderry House, buried in Muff, Co. Donegal.
  8. John Hume, born on 28‑11‑1847 in Kilderry, christened on 13‑02‑1848, died 1872 in Singapore. He died suddenly at Hong King after having served in Singapore and Hong Kong.Entered the Royal Artillery from the Royal Militay Academy in 1869.
  9. Aldelaide Elizabeth Jane, born on 27‑01‑1849, christened on 11‑01‑1850 in Muff, died 1880 in Redcar. Died at Redcar, Yorks, after the birth of a child, which died in infancy.

Married at the age of 30 on 07‑08‑1879 in Muff to Ernest Stepley Wilcox, born 1854 in Withburn, died on 06‑05‑1928 in Somerset, son of William Wilcox and Mary Anne Marwood.

  1. Georgina Susanna, born on 12‑09‑1851 in Port‑a‑Chapel, Greencastle, christened on 09‑11‑1851 in Muff, died 1884 in Dover, unmarried.
  2. George Percival, born on 15‑05‑1853 in Kilderry, christened on 26‑06‑1853 in Muff, died 1872 in Temple‑Ard, buried in Muff, Co. Donergal.


III.8         William Edward Hart, born on 24‑12‑1844 in Kilderry, christened on 23‑02‑1845 in Muff, died on 21‑06‑1919 in Kilderry at the age of 74, buried in Gleneely. Census 1911

William Edward Hart   Head of Family Church of Ireland age 66

Adelaide Hart Daughter Church of Ireland age 18

Margaret McGeeham  Servant Catholic age 22 co. Derry, son of George Vaughan Hart (see also II.10) and Jane Maria Hart.

Married at the age of 33 on 07‑08‑1878 in Galway to Bessie Louisa Allman, 24 years old, born on 14‑06‑1854 in Galway, died on 28‑11‑1892 in Falmore at the age of 38, buried in Gleneely, daughter of Dr. George Johnston Allman, LL.D.,D.Sc.,F.R.S. Of Queen’s Collage Galway, and Louisa Taylor.

From this marriage:

  1. John George Vaughan (see also IV.3).
  2. Henry Percival (see also IV.5).
  3. Andrew Chichester, born on 30‑09‑1882 in Port‑a‑Vele, Greencastle, christened in Greencastle, died on 01‑07‑1916 in Thiepval at the age of 33. Killed in action at Thiepval, France, whilst serving with the machine guns of the 36th (Ulster) Division, 1st July 1916. He recieved a commission in the 11th (Service) B.N. of the R. Innis. Fus. in 1915. Prior to the war he had been ranching near Calgary, Alberts. Saterday, buried in Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval, Somme, France. Grave nr I.E. 28.

Married 00.4.1916 to Minnie Heuston, died 1933, daughter of Robert Heuston.

  1. Isabel Mabel, born 1886 in Port‑a‑Vele, christened in Greencastle, died 1952.
  2. Frances Edith (F.E.), born on 25‑06‑1888 in Port‑a‑Vele, Greencastle, christened in Greencastle, died on 18‑07‑1976 in Aghnaloo House, Limavady at the age of 88, buried in Aghnaloo Church Yard.

Married at the age of 22 on 10‑10‑1910 to Henry Crofton Young, 42 years old, born on 27‑12‑1867 in Culdaff House, died on 25‑08‑1934 at the age of 66, buried in Aghanloo Church Yard, son of Robert George Young and Letitia Stavely.

  1. Adelaide Isbael Louise Bessie (Ada), born on 25‑11‑1892 in Falmore, christened in Gleneely, died on 04‑01‑1999 in Aghanloo House, Limavady at the age of 106, buried on 10‑04‑1999 in Aghanloo Church Yard.

Married 1936 to Ray Rudd Foxlee, born 00.10.1892, died on 25‑12‑1975, son of William F. Foxlee and Fanny E.


IV.3         John George Vaughan Hart, born on 30‑05‑1879 in Londonderry, christened in Muff, died on 15‑04‑1946 at the age of 66, son of William Edward Hart (see also III.8) and Bessie Louisa Allman.

Married at the age of 38 on 23‑07‑1917 to Katherine Georgina May Garstin, 28 years old, born on 30‑05‑1889, died 1970, daughter of Ven. William Fitzroy Garstin, Rector of St. Luke’s Belfast, Rector of Conwall (Letterkenny), afterwards Archdeacon of Raphoe, and Catherine Emily Hamilton.

From this marriage:

  1. Marion Vaughan, born on 18‑05‑1920 in Kilderry, died on 26‑11‑2001 at the age of 81.

Married 1944 in Londonderry to Rev. Louis Warden Crooks, Archdeacon of Raphoe, born 1912, died 1989.

  1. Catherine Jospehine Hamilton, born 1921, died 1924.
  2. George Vaughan (see also V.6).
  3. Tristram Beresford (see also V.8).
  4. Francis Elleker (Frank) (see also V.11).
  5. Richard Eustace (Dick) (see also V.13).


V.6          George Vaughan Hart, born on 10‑02‑1923 in Kilderry, died on 30‑01‑1969 in Virginia, U.S.A. at the age of 45, arrive 13 July 1950 from London Airport, son of John George Vaughan Hart (see also IV.3) and Katherine Georgina May Garstin.

Married 1946 to Ann Lyle Button, born in New York, daughter of John Button, Stockbroker.

From this marriage:

  1. George Vaughan (see also VI.3).
  2. Donald Demarest (see also VI.6).
  3. Steven Lyle, born 1950 in Leesburg, Viginia, died 1950 in Leesburg, Viginia.
  4. Deborah Hamilton, born on 20‑09‑1952 in Leesburg, Viginia.


VI.3         George Vaughan Hart, born on 06‑03‑1947 in Leesburg, Viginia, son of George Vaughan Hart (see also V.6) and Ann Lyle Button.

Married (1) 1969 in Washington, D.C. Spouse is Ann Coleman.

Married (2) 1981 in Washington, D.C. Spouse is Diane Waters.

From the first marriage:

  1. Jennifer Coileen, born on 16‑11‑1969 in Washington D.C.

From the second marriage:

  1. Megan Deborah, born on 27‑10‑1986 in Leesburg.
  2. Lauren Anne, born on 20‑05‑1988 in Leesburg.


VI.6         Donald Demarest Hart, born on 17‑03‑1949 in Leesburg, Viginia, U.S.A. Son of George Vaughan Hart (see also V.6) and Ann Lyle Button.

Married 1978, divorced 1981 from Nancy Korpi.

From this marriage:

  1. Maureen, born 00.04.1979.


V.8          Tristram Beresford Hart, born on 02‑01‑1925 in Kilderry, died on 08‑10‑1994 in Hamilton, New Zealand at the age of 69, son of John George Vaughan Hart (see also IV.3) and Katherine Georgina May Garstin.

Married (1) 1946 in Canada, divorced 1957 from Julia Hope McDonald, christened on 14‑05‑1926, cremated on 17‑10‑1989 in Redditch Crematorioum, service, St. Laurence Church. Alverchurch, buried 00.10.1989 in St. Laurence Church, Alvechurch, of the ashes, of the Peace River District, Alberta.

Married (2) 1959, divorced 1981 from Joan Blowers, of Thorpe‑le‑Soken, Essex.

From the first marriage:

  1. Robert Harry Sheridan (see also VI.10).

From the second marriage:

  1. Michael Thomas Edmund, born on 29‑11‑1959 in Auckland, New Zealand.
  2. Roy Christopher Beresford, born on 17‑02‑1961 in Auckland, New Zealand.
  3. Aileen May, born on 24‑07‑1962 in Auckland, New Zealand.


VI.10       Robert Harry Sheridan Hart, born on 01‑10‑1946 in Westminster. His home side is http://www.familyreemaker,com.users/h/a/r/Robert‑H‑Hart/FILE/0005page.html

, son of Tristram Beresford Hart (see also V.8) and Julia Hope McDonald.

Married at the age of 24 on 16‑01‑1971 in Godleston‑on‑Sea, Norfolk to Jennifer Pearson, daughter of Sidney Pearson and Hilde Wright.

From this marriage:

  1. Tracy Jane, born on 27‑02‑1973 in BAOR Rinteln.
  2. Timothy Robert Clayton, born on 21‑06‑1975 in Devizes, Wiltshire.


V.11        Francis Elleker (Frank) Hart, born on 17‑06‑1928 in Kilderry, died on 15‑08‑2000 at the age of 72, buried on 18‑08‑2000 in Muff, Donegal, son of John George Vaughan Hart (see also IV.3) and Katherine Georgina May Garstin.

Married 1961, divorced 1965 from Joan‑Mary Wendy Allen Franks, daughter of Dr. J.L. Franks and Mrs. Franks.

From this marriage:

  1. Georgina Susanna, born on 14‑11‑1961 in Salisbury, Rhodesia.

Married to John Trevelyan Evans, born 1961.

  1. Henry Chichester Vaughan Edward, born on 14‑07‑1964 in Salisbury, Rhodesia.


V.13        Richard Eustace (Dick) Hart, born on 18‑04‑1930 in Ballynagard, son of John George Vaughan Hart (see also IV.3) and Katherine Georgina May Garstin.

Married 1948 to Gladys Irene Dore, born 1937.

From this marriage:

  1. Kathryn Pearl Sharon, born on 18‑06‑1957.

Married to Mark Henry Quinn.

  1. Valerie Laverne Dianne, born on 18‑06‑1957.

Married 1978 in Calgary, Canada, divorced 00.00.0000 from Donald Warr.

  1. Tamara Jennifer Rosalind, born on 20‑11‑1958.

Married 1979 in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada to Robyn Fernondo Nadeau.

  1. Keely Genoa Irene, born on 31‑07‑1960.


IV.5         Henry Percival Hart, born on 22‑11‑1880 in Port‑a‑Vele, Greencastle, christened in Greencastle, died on 08‑04‑1951 in Ottery St. Mary, Devon at the age of 70. During the first Wold War he served in Fance and Mesopotamia, coming over with the Indain Division in 1914 (he had been serving in India prior to the outbraek of the war ince 1909) He was awarded the M.C. in 1915 for attending and bringing in wounded under ire, when himself wounded. Son of William Edward Hart (see also III.8) and Bessie Louisa Allman.

Married 1911 in Burma to Nelly Reddie McNeil, born 1878, died 1964, daughter of Rev. Charles McNeil, Minister of St. George’s Free Church, Dumfries.

From this marriage:

  1. Charles Percyvall McNeil (see also V.15).
  2. Eleanor Georgina Mabel, born on 10‑07‑1914, died on 03‑10‑1983 in Chichester at the age of 69.

Married 1943, divorced 1956 from Graham Everhard Lewis, Architect.

  1. Dr. Robert Arthur Chichester Hart, M.R.C.R., L.R.C.P. Born on 09‑09‑1920, died on 14‑06‑1986 at the age of 65.


V.15        Charles Percyvall McNeil Hart, born on 08‑01‑1912 in Rangoon, Burma, died 00‑5‑1996, son of Henry Percival Hart (see also IV.5) and Nelly Reddie McNeil.

Married 1946 to Elsie Margaret Rea, born 1917, died on 11‑06‑1994, daughter of Kynoch Leathart Rea, Stockbroker.

From this marriage:

  1. Susanna Margaret, born on 30‑10‑1947 in Inckham, Kent.

Married 1976 to Dr. Christopher John Davenport George, Ph.D., M.Sc. Son of Hanner Charles John George.

  1. Elizabeth Caroline, born on 11‑02‑1950 in Aberour, Fife.

Married 1977 to Dr. Alan Duncan George Wright, M.B.Ch.B.,F.F.A.R.,C.S. Son of Duncan Wright, F.R.C.S. and Dr. Lilian Wright.


II.15        William Hart, born on 16‑06‑1816, died on 24‑03‑1904 in near West Drayton, Berks at the age of 87, buried in Eastbourne, son of George Vaughan Hart (see also I.1) and Charlotte Ellerker.

Married at the age of 23 on 29‑01‑1840 to Frances Anne Frere, 20 years old, born on 04‑12‑1819, died on 07‑09‑1898 in Eastbourne, Sussex at the age of 78, daughter of Edward Frere and Mary Anne Greene.

From this marriage:

  1. Frances Mary, born on 06‑02‑1842, died on 30‑07‑1886 in London at the age of 44.

Married at the age of 19 on 09‑10‑1861 to Joseph Bonus, Major‑General.

  1. Henry George, Headmaster of Sedbergh School, Yorks. Born on 16‑04‑1843, died 1921.

Married at the age of 30 on 09‑08‑1873 to Honoria Letitia Lawrence, 23 years old, born on 26‑04‑1850 in Lahore, Bengal, christened on 28‑05‑1850 in Agra, Bengal, died on 18‑12‑1923 at the age of 73, daughter of Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence, Brigadier‑General, and Honoria Marchall.

  1. Edward Chichester (see also III.20).
  2. William Ellerker (see also III.22).
  3. George Henry Reeves, born on 04‑10‑1847, died 1917.
  4. Charlotte Isabella, born on 22‑11‑1853.
  5. Edith Vaughan, born on 27‑11‑1857, died on 28‑04‑1896 in Colchester at the age of 38.

Married at the age of 20 on 09‑01‑1878 to Henry Cleland Dunlop.

  1. Mabel Catharine Rivers, born on 06‑09‑1862. Living in 1907.


III.20       Edward Chichester Hart, Colonel of the Royal Engineers, born on 05‑08‑1844 in Dharwar, died 1926, son of William Hart (see also II.15) and Frances Anne Frere.

Married at the age of 27 on 25‑06‑1872 in Chichester to Marian Eliza Travers, 24 years old, born on 15‑05‑1848 in Fort Johston, Co. Armagh, daughter of Julius Brockman Travers, Colonel.

From this marriage:

  1. Henry Travers (see also IV.14).
  2. Herbert Frere (see also IV.16).
  3. Mabel Lilian, born on 09‑06‑1879 in Chatham, died on 11‑11‑1899 in Bournemouth at the age of 20. Unmarried.


IV.14       Henry Travers Hart, Lieutenant‑Colonel of the Royal Artillery, born on 06‑05‑1873 in Mahableshwar, near Bombay, died 1948, son of Edward Chichester Hart (see also III.20) and Marian Eliza Travers.

Married to Phillis Hope Matthews, born 1883 in Fareham, Hampshire, died 1941.

From this marriage:

  1. Joan Christian, born 1909, died 1985.


IV.16       Herbert Frere Hart, Royal Medical Corps, born on 09‑03‑1875 in Satara, near Bombay, died 1935, son of Edward Chichester Hart (see also III.20) and Marian Eliza Travers.

Married to Violet May Elizabeth Guy, born on 14‑12‑1904 in Fauesmith, Oramge River Colony, South Africa, died 1964, daughter of Gustavus Guy.

From this marriage:

  1. Mabel Charlotte, born on 04‑04‑1906 in Carnarvon, Cape Colony, died 1986.
  2. Kathleen Travers, born 1908, died 1973.

Married to G. Hooper, died 1973.

  1. Eveline Nancy.

Married (1) to M. McDonald.

Married (2) to S. Stevens.

  1. Edward Guy (see also V.27).


V.27        Edward Guy Hart, son of Herbert Frere Hart (see also IV.16) and Violet May Elizabeth Guy.

Married to M. Day.

From this marriage:

  1. Patrick (see also VI.29).
  2. Michael (see also VI.31).


VI.29       Patrick Hart, son of Edward Guy Hart (see also V.27) and M. Day.

Married to N. Ruxton.

From this marriage:

  1. Elizabeth.
  2. Julia.
  3. Robert.


VI.31       Michael Hart, son of Edward Guy Hart (see also V.27) and M. Day.

Married (1) to J. Braithwaith.

Married (2) to J. Armstrong.

From the first marriage:

  1. Brendan.

From the second marriage:

  1. Thomas.
  2. Jessica.


III.22       William Ellerker Hart, born on 17‑06‑1846 in Dharwar, died on 27‑10‑1892 at the age of 46, at sea between Bombay and Aden. Son of William Hart (see also II.15) and Frances Anne Frere.

Married at the age of 28 on 29‑12‑1874 in Bonbay to Kuturah Jessie Bruce Millington, 21 years old, born on 21‑05‑1853, died on 28‑03‑1897 at the age of 43, daughter of John Boyfield Millington.

From this marriage:

  1. Dorothy Frances, born on 05‑12‑1875 in Bombay, died 1953.
  2. Gordon Cecil, born on 04‑08‑1877 in Bombay, died 1938.
  3. Wilby Irvine, born on 31‑03‑1881 in Bombay.
  4. Wiliam Errol Frere, born on 10‑08‑1885 in Bombay, went to Canada.

Married to Tatina Walton.

  1. Innes Ruth Gray, born on 22‑10‑1889 in Mahableshwar, near Bombay.
  2. Lawrence Hereward (see also IV.25).


IV.25       Lawrence Hereward Hart, born on 03‑07‑1891 in Bromsgrove, son of William Ellerker Hart (see also III.22) and Kuturah Jessie Bruce Millington.

Married to Violet Emmiline Searle, born Sep. 1898 in Bedminster, Glochester.

From this marriage:

  1. Helen Dorothy, born 1925.
  2. Diana Wilby, born 1929.



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